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Ruffly Dog

Ursula Rope multi-function leash

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Let your pup lead the way with this multifunction dog leash. Made from PPM (polypropylene multicord) rope, it features an extra strong design that won't absorb any water, is lightweight, and can be used in at least 8 different ways. Whether your dogs are working on their sit-stay skills or taking a stroll through the park, the Hands-Free Multifunction rope leash will do its job so you can focus on something else—like taking beautiful photos of your pups.

1. full length regular leash

2. Hands free over the shoulder

3. Hands free around the waist

4. Doubled up into a half length short leash

5. Attached to one of the rings for a adjustable length leash

6. Tie-up for those cafe or camping trips 

7. Emergency slip leash

8. Multi dog leash 

9. Or attach to both front and back attachment loop on harnesses for extra control.

Choose from lengths between 180cm-240cm. For small and medium dogs we recommend 200cm and up if you are planning on wearing the leash over the shoulder or around the waist. 



These leads are made with 10mm PPM (Polypropylene multicord) rope. PPM rope is water resistant and doesn't absorb any water making it rot and mildew resistant. PPM rope is lightweight and easy to keep clean and dries quickly.

Hardware: Choose from stainless steel, brass or black hardware, all saltwater safe! 

All our products are handmade in New South Wales, Australia. 

Care instructions: always rinse off salt water and pat dry, especially metal parts.